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If you’re an intern…


-Be on time, or early. This shows your commitment and desire to learn and make yourself an asset to the company.

-Ask questions. When entering an internship, you will most probably lack experience. That’s why you’re doing the internship. So there will be tasks you don’t fully understand. Instead of looking foolish, or worse, incompetent, ask!

-Write instructions down. When your superior talks or gives instructions, always have a pen and paper to take notes. Notes are life-savers because you can always refer to them later.

-Give updates or status reports. You should give your superior updates on the tasks assigned at the end of everyday. Your superiors should not be following up with you. Giving status reports via face to face or email shows you are proactive and your goal to to complete the task is a priority.

-Always offer assistance when you have available time. This may be the biggest help an intern can do. Your superior is probably swamped with work, so if you can take 1 or 2 things off their To Do list, you will shine in their eyes.

-Offer your experience For example: if you’ve organized an event before and you see that your superior is working on an event, offer tactics and strategies that were successful in your event.

-Dress like you work there. You are now entering a work environment. You may be facing clients, you will be representing the company in certain tasks. Dress appropriately.



-Don’t be late…EVER. This is the time where you are trying to prove yourself worthy for this internship. You want to show your superior you are responsible enough to get their on time, hence, responsible enough to get the job done.

-Don’t socialize before getting your work done. You are there to assist, learn, and contribute. Not there to socialize.

-Don’t apply for an internship if you don’t want to learn and grow. Most internships have limited slots available. And if you don’t really want to be there, somebody else does.

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